Edward Heffner, Jr.

Edward W. Heffner, Jr.

I had the distinction of graduating with cum laude honors, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree from Santa Clara University in 1982. Immediately upon graduation, I continued at Santa Clara School of Law, where I graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 1985. During my years at Santa Clara Law, I met and became close friends with the firm's founder, Omar Habbas.

After three years with a private insurance defense firm with offices in Oakland and San Francisco, I joined Mr. Habbas to form a new law firm. The firm had several name changes over the years, but is best remembered as Habbas, Amendola & Heffner, "trusted friends who know the law." The Habbas office remains a trusted friend to countless clients to this day.

While I was with the Habbas office, I was selected for a special post, serving as a legal consultant to the Kuwaiti government from 1993 through 1994. In that capacity, I assisted in the preparation of war reparation claims to be submitted to the United Nations on behalf of Kuwaiti businesses to be paid from the Iraqi Oil Super Fund.

In total, I spent approximately eight years of my legal career working as an insurance defense attorney. Understanding how your opposition is trained to think and act has proven an invaluable asset for us to better represent you, the victim.

I enjoy spending time with my children. We truly enjoy our adventures in the family camper, traveling the western states. We are huge Oakland A's baseball fans and season ticket holders, go A's! I am also active in my church, where I serve as an assistant instructor of the confirmation classes.