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Other Types of Personal Injury Claims

People can become injured in an innumerable amount of ways. Your accident may not seem extremely common, but there is a defense for you. If your accident caused you injury because of the negligence of a third party then you may be entitled to a claim. Some other types of personal injury claims include:

  • Construction Accidents - This can apply to construction workers who are injured on the job. Construction workers are commonly injured because of the hazardous nature of their employment.
  • Boating Accidents- These types of accidents happen when individuals are not operating their boats according to proper boating procedures. Boating accidents may be caused by intoxicated boaters and distracted boaters, among others.
  • Skiing Accidents- When a skiing accident results from defective equipment, unsafe skiing grounds, or something else of a preventable nature, there is justifiable means to file a personal injury claim.
  • Pedestrian Accidents- All too often, pedestrians are hit and injured by careless or reckless drivers, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and the like. These accidents can cause substantial injury to a pedestrian that is seemingly unprotected and cannot defend themselves against the much larger and more forceful objects colliding with them. In these instances, the pedestrian has cause to file an injury claim for compensation.
  • Bicycle Accidents- These accidents can be caused in a number of different ways, including distracted drivers, poor paving conditions, defective products, and the list goes on. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by a preventable incident then you are entitled to take legal action.

Injury from any of the following types of accidents should prompt you to immediately speak with a skilled San Jose personal attorney from our firm. Whatever the particular circumstances surrounding your injury may be, our firm will be able to evaluate your case and determine how you can best be helped.

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