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Injured in a construction accident in San Jose?

Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country and thousands of individuals are injured every year in devastating accidents. When a construction worker is injured on the job, they have the right to seek file a claim for workers' compensation benefits under the California Workers' Compensation Act. Even if you were partially or totally to blame for your own injuries, this Act protects your right to compensation.

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, you may be entitled to seek compensation from more than one source. In most cases, your medical costs and additional expenses will far outweigh what you would receive from one source of compensation. A San Jose personal injury lawyer at Habbas & Associates can help you recover the compensation you need from various sources of compensation after you have suffered a preventable construction accident.

Filing a Construction Accident Claim

Determining who is to blame for a construction accident is not always easy. There are usually many different companies, people and products used throughout the course of a construction project, and there is a certain level of liability for all general contractors, property owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors. It may be that a third party is liable for the negligence that caused your injuries. Our firm is highly experienced in this area of personal injury law, and we can help you determine the correct source of your injuries.

You deserve a lawyer who has the knowledge, resources and experience to handle your claim and assist you in the claims process. With over 125 years of experience helping injured victims, we have proven our ability to successfully represent our clients for a vast number of accident claims.

Contact a San Jose personal injury attorney today regarding your injuries and learn how we may be able to help you seek compensation!

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