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Motorcyclists are often put in much more danger than other car and truck drivers on the road, simply due to the overwhelming discrepancy in size and weight between these types of vehicles and others on the road. Inherent in the risks that most motorcycle riders face on a daily basis are problems caused by road impediments such as minor divots in the pavement, visual impediments, speed accidents, and riding skill accidents. For motorcycle riders, there is a very real risk of tipping and falling, being thrown off course by a minor road issue, wobbling from excessive speed, or being hit by a driver that did not see the smaller visual target on the road. An alarmingly high number of motorcycle riders are injured while out riding, most in accidents which were not caused by the driver that is ultimately harmed in the process. In fact, 2/3 of motorcycle accidents with another vehicle were the fault of the automobile driver, not the motorcycle rider.

Considering the fact that motorcycle riders are more than 125 times more likely to die in a car crash than someone riding in a passenger car, there is a great need to involve a legal professional in matters of this nature. In addition, five times the amount of regular car accidents will result in injury to a motorcyclist involved in the same collision. Therefore, it is important to ensure that, as the victim of one of these accidents, you are represented by a skilled legal professional that can help you seek compensation for the damages incurred during a collision. By contacting a San Jose personal injury attorney from Habbas & Associates you can begin taking the legal steps necessary to address matters of this nature.

Motorcycle Injury Attorney in San Jose, CA

The experience and history behind Habbas & Associates goes back many years, and the legal representation you will be provided when you choose to work with our firm will include the skills and information that we have worked hard to develop over the years. Working with an attorney from our firm will be an experience unique from any other, as we take active measures to ensure that your needs are first and foremost among our priorities. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are not again harmed in any way similar to the one which initially brought you to our firm. The negligent and/ or reckless behaviors of another which led to your accident will be addressed by an associate from our firm in the hopes of recovering maximum compensation for you damages.

We pride ourselves on knowing the law, and using our knowledge for the betterment of the clients we serve. Therefore, you can expect our team to vehemently go to work for you, employing any and all methods of legal representation that may be necessary to uncover the wrongs that were enacted against you during your motorcycle accident. We will work to ensure that you are justly compensated for your injuries and damages. Our team holds membership on some of the most notable boards in both the state and nation, including the Consumer Attorneys of California, the Orange County Bar Association, the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, the Santa Clara Bar Association, and the American Trial Lawyers Association. For whatever type of car accident you were involved in, you need to take adequate measures to ensure that your rights are protected as you attempt to deal with the aftermath of the matter.

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