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What is Catastrophic Injury?

Minor injuries, such as scrapes or bruises, are a part of everyday life as a human being. We feel pain for a period of time, but our bodies heal and we are able to carry on as normal. This is not the case when a catastrophic injury occurs. Catastrophic injuries are defined as severe, life-changing injuries that usually occur suddenly and without warning. The victims of this serious type of personal injury are left to suffer the long-term implications a catastrophic injury. Many times, these means permanent disabilities or disfigurement.

The Center for Disease Control has determined that catastrophic injuries are the leading cause of death for all ages of Americans. Brain injuries, severe burns, spinal cord injuries and amputations are some of the most common and most devastating catastrophic injuries that occur today, and these injuries drastically change the victim's life. If you or someone you love has suffered catastrophic injury at the hands of another person who was acting negligently, you may be able to seek compensation with help from a San Jose injury lawyer.

Caring Help from a San Jose Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injury claims are often complex legal cases that are difficult to prove because of the great damages involved and what is at stake. An accomplished injury lawyer from Habbas & Associates has the legal expertise and experience to help you take on the task of filing a claim and seeking compensation. This is a trying time in your life, and you need an advocated who is committed to your rights and your future health. Our firm is waiting to help you seek the compensation you desperately need to help with your medical costs and more.

Contact a San Jose injury lawyer at Habbas & Associates for caring legal help with catastrophic injury claims involving head injuries, brain injuries and more.

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