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Head Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

It is common to sustain head injuries in car accidents because unlike the rest of your body, your head is not secure. The head can easily slam against any part of the vehicle and it can even be injured by the impact of the air bag. Head injuries are not always visible to the eye, which is why so many people ignore them. Ignoring any type of head injury is extremely dangerous, so if you were involved in a car accident and have continued head pain or other head injury symptoms then you should definitely contact a medical professional. Among the more common types of head injuries are:

  • Concussion- Most people are familiar with concussions. These injuries are caused by blunt force to the head which causes a complete or partial loss of function. People who are suffering from concussions will often display symptoms of headaches, lost consciousness and insomnia. It is dangerous to let a concussion go without treatment because they can worsen.
  • Contusion- This type of injury involves brain tissue injury. A contusion is basically another way of saying "mini-hemorrhages" (an injury that is discussed below). This injury allows for small amounts of blood to leak into the brain tissue. Because this type of injury worsens slowly it can be easily misdiagnosed.
  • Hematoma- A hematoma is like a very severe bruise. This happens when blood pools up outside of the vessel but remains inside of the skin tissue. Hematomas are usually visible but can occur below the dura mater and near the skull.
  • Hemorrhage- A hemorrhage involves head bleeding within the brain tissue. They are not exclusive to the brain tissue however, and can occur within the skull. Victims of hemorrhage will likely feel an increased amount of pressure in the head which can lead to coma and death if not treated properly.

If you are suffering from any of these injuries after your car accident you are absolutely entitled to seek out legal help from a car accident professional. Head injuries are no small matter, so if you have been injured in one of the following ways or sustained another type of head injury in your car accident then contact a doctor and then seek to file a claim with a personal injury attorney.

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If you sustained a head injury in a car accident that was caused, even partially, by the negligence of another then you should start thinking about the reality of filing a lawsuit. A personal injury claim is a way for you to obtain compensation for the injuries that you suffered at their hand. You likely need help paying for medical and other expenses and the responsible party is the one who should be paying. This is why you should speak with a San Jose personal injury attorney from Habbs & Associates. With over 125 years of experience helping victims of car and other accidents, we can help you obtain the maximum recovery that you deserve for your injuries.

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