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Back Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Out of the many possible injuries it is possible to sustain in a car accident, you may be suffering from a back injury. Back injuries are often so serious because they are debilitating and can require surgery to repair. Like any other type of injury, back injuries vary by type and severity so it is best to contact a medical professional for the most accurate diagnosis. Some back injuries are more common than others. If you suffered a back injury in a car accident, you may have a:

  • Sprain or Strain- The difference between these two injuries is that a sprain involves the stretching or tearing of a ligament while a strain involves an injured muscle or tendon. Many people suffer from sprains and strains after wear and tear over long periods of time, but traumatic force such as in a car accident can have the same result.
  • Herniated Disc- With this type of injury, you will likely be feeling pain in your back that extends to your lower extremities if it is a lower back disc that is injured and neck pain that spreads to your upper extremities if it is an upper back disc. This pain may also be accompanied by numbness or tingling.
  • Fractured Vertebrae- This type of injury occurs when the spine is broken because of trauma. This type of back injury is common in severe car accidents because it usually requires a great amount of force on the spine to break it. It is most common for the lower vertebrae to become fractured.

The recovery time for these injuries varies depending on severity. Some back injury victims end up needing surgery to fully recover from their injuries, but in many cases this may not be necessary. Back injuries are of the more severe car accident injuries so you are definitely entitled to seeking legal help from a car accident professional in the event that you are injured in this way.

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If you were involved in a car accident and suffered a back injury you may be entitled to compensation. Car accident victims are entitled to a claim if a negligent party was the cause or at least partial cause of the accident. Negligent drivers should always be held accountable for their actions, and a San Jose personal injury attorney from Habbas & Associates can help. Our firm has more than 125 years of experience in helping victims of car accidents and can advocate on your behalf as well. Our firm cares about each one of our clients and will use all of our resources in order to ensure that they get the recovery that they deserve.

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