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Injured in a preventable bicycle accident?

More and more people are turning to bicycling as a major form of transportation. However, because there is very little protection for a rider involved in a bicycle accident, the injuries that can result are very severe. Bicyclists are typically known for being very aware of their surroundings and the proper safety rules to follow, and it is usually the automobile drivers who are to blame for accidents involving bicycles.

Negligent motorists have been known to cause bike accidents by opening a door into a cyclist's path or by failing to notice the bicyclist before making a turn. If you have suffered injuries in a serious bicycle accident, talk to a San Jose personal injury attorney at Habbas & Associates to learn if you have the right to seek compensation.

San Jose Bike Accident Attorney

According to a study by the US Department of Transportation, a majority of bicycle accidents are caused because of a failure to yield the right-of-way at an intersection by a motorist. This was followed by accidents resulting from motorists unexpectedly turning or merging into the path of a cyclist, and motorists overtaking bicyclists also caused a fair number of accidents as well. In addition, some bicycle accidents are caused by defective repair, design or manufacture of their bicycle or their components.

The dedicated team of personal injury attorneys at Habbas & Associates has been protecting the rights of victims in San Jose for over 125 years. We passionately pursue compensation for individuals and families who have gone through needless pain and suffering. You may be suffering from head trauma, fractures, severed limbs, road rash and other severe injuries and we are here to help.

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