San Jose "Road Diet" Begins This Month to Improve Lincoln Avenue Safety

San Jose "Road Diet" Begins This Month to Improve Lincoln Avenue Safety

Posted By Habbas & Associates || 3-Mar-2015

Friday marked the first day of a three-month "road diet" in San Jose, CA – a city project aimed at the increasing safety by rechanneling traffic along Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen. The project will last from March to May, and will transform the four-lane road into a two-lane road with a center turn lane.

Supporters of the road diet hope that the new traffic pattern will allow pedestrians and cyclist to travel Lincoln Avenue with greater ease and safety.

If the trail period does not improve safety, Lincoln Avenue will return to its previous traffic configuration.

City Officials Respond to Growing Need for Reconfiguration of Lincoln Ave.

A press release from the RDWG (Road Diet Working Group) stated that, the reconfiguration is a "response to years of community requests to calm traffic and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and residents in Downtown Willow Glen."

Opponents Fear Increased Traffic Problems

According to news sources, some drivers are already preparing for traffic jams along Lincoln Ave. and the surrounding streets. Because the new configuration eliminates two lanes, it will increase traffic density and force some drivers to use alternate routes, opponents claim.

The RDWG will measure the impact of the change and, if necessary, revert the street back to its original four-lane structure.

San Jose city officials invite members of the local community to share any feedback, questions, and concerns they regarding the road diet. To learn more, visit

Supporters of Safety in the Local Community

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