10 Safety Tips for a Harmless Thanksgiving Celebration

10 Safety Tips for a Harmless Thanksgiving Celebration

Posted By Habbas & Associates || 6-Nov-2015

With Thanksgiving around the corner, many families are preparing large meals and decorating their houses. Because Thanksgiving preparation and celebration can become large and stressful, they can pose serious dangers to you, your family, and your guests. In fact, the United Sates Fire Administration states that over 4,000 fire occur each year on Thanksgiving Day.

To prevent fires and ensure safety for persons attending your Thanksgiving celebration, consider the ten safety tips we have listed below:

  1. Never leave the barbeque grill, stove, or oven unattended.
  2. Always use a timer when cooking.
  3. Refrain from wearing baggy clothing or dangling accessories in the kitchen.
  4. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen at all times.
  5. Make sure all smoke alarms are functioning properly.
  6. Unplug any appliances that are not necessary.
  7. Do not try to put out a flame using water.
  8. Make sure all lit candles are isolated. Do not leave them unattended.
  9. Keep small children and pets out of the kitchen area.
  10. If a fire does occur, contact the fire department right away.

By taking the proper safety precautions before, during, and after the festivities, you can ensure safety amongst all guests attending your Thanksgiving celebration.

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