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Serious Injury

Habbas & Associates understands that seriously injured victims may experience some of the most difficult challenges in life. If you or your loved one has been seriously injured as the result of another’s negligence, place your trust in our San Jose personal injury lawyers. Play Video

Insurance Companies

Attorney Habbas discusses the real goals of the insurance companies and explains why people need help to protect them. Play Video

How Contingency Fees Work

Attorney Omar Habbas explains how contingency fees work and discusses the benefits of this type of system. Play Video

Call Habbas & Associates - Client Testimonial

A former client discusses his car accident and experience working with Habbas & Associates. Play Video

Client Testimonial - Ernie Share's His Story

Ernie, a former client of Habbas & Associates, was injured in a traffic collision. Learn about his experience working with our San Jose personal injury attorneys. Play Video

Marisol's Truck Accident - Client Testimonial

Former Client Marisol and her family were seriously injured in a truck accident and placed their trust in Habbas & Associates to guide them through the personal injury claim process. Play Video

Marisol Talks About Her Truck Accident - Client Testimonial

Habbas & Associates’ former client Marisol discusses her experience with Habbas & Associates and how the firm’s legal team made her feel like family. Play Video

Habbas Puts You First - Client Testimonial

Habbas & Associates puts clients first. Find out what former client Sharon has to say about our personal commitment to clients. Play Video

Sharon Shares Her Story - Testimonial

After Sharon was injured in a car accident, she called Habbas & Associates right away, and was not required to pay anything until her case was resolved. Play Video

Tressie - Client Testimonial

Tressie and David were injured by a careless driver. By choosing to work with Habbas & Associates, they were able to focus on their recovery. Play Video

They Did a Great Job - Client Testimonial

Fred chose to work with Habbas & Associates after being injured by a distracted driver. Play Video

Hire Habbas & Associates - Client Testimonial

Fred discusses his injuries after a car accident and how the firm worked hard on his behalf to recover full and fair compensation. Play Video

They Just Took Care of Everything - Gena

Former Client Gena was rear-ended by a reckless truck driver. The firm helped her with her recovery and fought for the compensation she deserved. Play Video

They Helped Me Through A Hard Time - Gena

After Gena was injured by a reckless driver, she allowed Habbas & Associates to handle all legal work on her behalf. Play Video

Gena - I Knew They Were The Best Choice For Me

Former Client Gena explains why she made the decision to work with the compassionate, proven attorneys at Habbas & Associates. Play Video

Car Accident - Dustin's Testimonial

Former clients of Habbas & Associates discuss their experiences working with the firm during their personal injury cases. Play Video

Car Accident Victim - Tressie

Past clients discuss the service and support they received from Habbas & Associates. Play Video

Insurance Companies

Attorney Omar Habbas discusses how he and his firm fight to ensure that insurance companies pay victims the compensation they deserve. Play Video

Contingency Fee - Habbas & Associates

Attorney Omar Habbas explains contingency fees. The firm only collects a fee is a settlement of verdict is successfully obtained. Play Video

Accidents Don't Just Happen

Accidents don’t just happen. At Habbas & Associates, our legal team hold negligent parties accountable for the damages they cause. Play Video

Motorcycle Accident - Testimonial

Chuck was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and was hospitalized for three months. Habbas & Associates handled all legal work on his behalf so he could focus on his recovery. Play Video

Car Accident - I Called Immediately

Dustin was seriously hurt after being rear-ended in a high speed collision. Learn how Habbas & Associates helped him through a difficult time. Play Video

Obtain the Money You Deserve - Dustin Testimonial

Habbas & Associates helped car accident victim Dustin obtain the compensation he deserved. Play Video

Insurance Companies - Call Habbas & Associates

Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not to pay victims. Habbas & Associates helps clients fight back against insurance companies. Play Video

Bad Decisions Cause Accidents - Call Habbas & Associates

Habbas & Associates explains how accidents are caused by bad decisions – and how the firm turns bad decisions into fair settlements. Play Video

Bad Decisions Cause Accidents - Talking on The Cell Phone

Bad decisions cause accidents. Learn how Habbas & Associates fights to secure fair compensation for victims injured by bad decisions. Play Video

Insurance Companies Don't Care

Insurance companies do everything they can to pay injured victims as little as possible. Play Video

Don't Settle With Those Tough Insurance Companies

If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of another’s negligence, don’t settle without talking to Habbas & Associates. Play Video

Habbas & Associates - Insurance Companies - They Don't Care

Never trust the insurance company to pay what’s fair. Call Habbas & Associates to learn about your right to compensation. Play Video

Insurance Companies Want You to Settle

Insurance companies want you to settle quickly. Allow Habbas & Associated to fight back. Play Video

Car Accident - Call Habbas & Associates

Car accidents can be devastating, as can making the wrong decisions after. Place your trust in Habbas & Associates after you’ve been injured in auto accident. Play Video

Call Habbas & Associates - Car Accident

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, call Habbas & Associates. Play Video

Shattered Glass - Car Accidents

Real car wrecks shatter lives. After you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident, call Habbas & Associates. Play Video

We're On Your Side

Habbas Law is ready to assist with your injury case, call a member of our team to discuss seeking the compensation you deserve. Play Video

Choosing Your Attorney

Attorney Omar Habbas discusses his caring philosophy in dealing with his clients. Play Video

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