Understanding California Dog Bite Laws

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If you or your loved one has recently been attacked or bit by a dog, you may have a right to recover your damages by a filing a personal injury claim against the dog's owner. Each year, thousands of injured dog bite victims pursue lawsuits against at-fault dog owners, many of which aim to recover compensation for medical expenses, costs of therapy, emotional injuries, pain and suffering, and lost work wages, among other damages.

In order to file a successful dog bite claim, victims should work with seasoned personal injury lawyers who have experience handling these types of cases. At Habbas & Associates, our legal team is prepared to guide you through the personal injury claim process to ensure that owners are held accountable and that you recover the compensation you rightfully deserve.

As we also place an emphasis on helping our clients understand their rights, we've included a few important things you should know about California's dog bite laws.

  • Under California Civil Code § 3342, the owner of a dog is liable for damages victims suffer when bitten by a dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place. This is known as strict liability.
  • Dog owners can be held liable even if their dog has no history of attacks or viciousness.
  • California's strict liability dog bite law does not apply to victims who were trespassing on another's property or when the dog was on duty for the military or law enforcement.
  • Victims may be eligible to recover any physical, emotional, and financial damages that result directly from the dog bite attack.

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If you or your loved one has recently been injured in a dog bite attack, the San Jose personal injury attorneys at Habbas & Associates can help. By investigating the circumstances surrounding the attack, securing evidence, and applying the facts of the law to your case, our legal team can effectively fight for the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have more than a century of combined experience, and have recovered millions in compensation for our clients.

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